Welcome to Andreas Eastman’s Brass

Through years of research, Andreas Eastman has developed a full complement of brass instruments. Its newly developed professional line includes professional trumpets, French horn, trombones, and a euphonium. Each of these instruments have been well researched, involving the leading players and makers expertise to bring to you the finest instruments possible. In the development, we have addressed many of the pitch, tone, and mechanical issues related to these instruments.

Andreas Eastman brass artisans are passionate about their craft. In the workshop, they take great care to craft an instrument with precision and constant perseverance to exacting tolerances. The fit and finish through hand lapping, meticulous honing, and an antiseptic environment in the lacquer room, guarantees a brass instrument that you’ll be proud to own. When you pick up an Andreas Eastman brass instrument, the unmistakable resonance will ring true to you.