Welcome to Eastman Reeds

Eastman Music Company has teamed with the largest single reed maker in the Chinese Domestic market to create a truly outstanding and consistent reed. Eastman secured a long-term exclusive source from a historic cane plantation located in the Var region of Southern France. This area is widely regarded as the best place in the world for growing reed cane. Using state of the art machinery to cut and profile their reeds, Eastman delivers the most consistent and playable reeds available in the market.

Eastman French cane reeds are French cut and French filed. They are available in two profiles, Venuto and Esperto. The Venuto reeds are made using a traditional French cut and are the recommended reed for players that use a short facing mouthpiece. The Esperto reed uses a variation of the French cut made from a thicker blank that produces a fuller tone with more projection then the Venuto. They are recommended for players that use a long facing mouthpiece. However, players should try both profiles to find the best fit for their individual needs, as these are only suggestions.