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Exclusive to Professional Violin Shops


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  • Andreas Eastman

    MODEL VL200

    Starting with the first model in our Andreas Eastman series, our commitment to quality tonewood and expert hand-craftsmanship is abundantly evident.This step-up model is of such high quality that some luthiers who have evaluated these instruments have believed them to be professional instruments with high price tags!

    • Entirely hand-crafted of well-seasoned, select tonewoods
    • African ebony fingerboard
    • Hand-carved boxwood pegs, tailpiece and chinrest with ebony trim (violin and viola) / Ebony pegs (cello)
    • Attractive and durable hand-applied translucent amber varnish
    • Wittner cast composite tailpiece with 4 fine tuners available as an option
    • Stradivari pattern
    • Cello also available in Montagnana pattern (See page 43)
    • Outstanding, modestly-priced step-up model
    • Violin available in sizes 4/4" – 1/32", including 7/8"
    • Viola available in sizes 17” - 11”, in one inch increments plus 16 1/2” and 15 1/2”
    • Cello available in sizes 4/4" – 1/10", including 7/8"
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